The blind school stair case

The blind school stair case 2

Project overview

– Work from the architects drawings of the stair case to create our own 3D model and drawings

– Laser cut the parts off the staircase

– Assembly and install the stair case

How we did it

After receiving the architects drawing we needed to create our own drawings of each part of the stair case e.g. the stringers and tread plates etc, After doing this we assembled the staircase using our CAD software which allowed us to see that the stair case would not fit in the tight space it need to. After going back to the customer and raising our concerns they reviewed their drawing and we updated ours to match. We then had a full 3D model of the stair case which we could then take straight in to our laser software for cutting.

Once all the parts where cut they bolted together with only minimal welding required so all six flights of stairs where assembled in just over a day. Each flight was then transported to site to be constructed. The work was started on the Saturday and by the Sunday we where up to the fifth flight. Over the following days the last flight was installed and the hand rail constructed and fitted.

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