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Diamond Precision Engineering’s laser cutting divisions boasts two state of the art Mazak 6kw fiber laser cutting machines with a maximum sheet size of 4000x2000mm. since 2014 we have constantly invested in our laser cutting service to offer our customers a cost effective and fast solution. With the ability to operate 24 hours a day with nationwide delivery and instant quotation on flat profiles.

We can accept customer’s data in a number of formats which include Solidworks files and Autocad ‘DXF’ & ‘DWG’. As well as importing these into our CAD systems we can easily reverse engineer samples given to us or accept fully dimensioned drawings. All CAD data used is kept on file for future repeat orders and is easily accessible at any given time.

    Maximum material thickness

  • Mild steel 25mm
  • Stainless steel 20mm
  • Aluminium 20mm
  • Copper 10mm
  • Brass 10mm


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